ThoughtFull Pro-to-Pro Services

A 1-1 virtual supervision service (via video call) for professionals (counsellors/clinical psychologists) as required for licensure application/renewal and as part of professional development.

Why choose supervision with ThoughtFull?

Professional Development

Professional Requirements

Meet professional requirements for licensure or renewal with a vast range of professional bodies, such as the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), Australian Counselling Association (ACA), British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) & British Psychological Society (BPS), and other organisations that accept online supervision hours.

Diverse Network

Diverse Network

Our diverse network of ThoughtFull Professionals spans across 16 countries around the world, which gives you access to a wide range of perspectives, theoretical orientations, and clinical approaches. Such exposure helps to foster cultural competence and enhance your ability to work with diverse client populations.


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Cost Savings

Access supervision services at prices lower than market rate, and get a further 20% fee subsidy if you are an existing ThoughtFull Professional!

Career Development

Career Development

Receive professional support in a supportive and confidential environment with your supervisor and improve client outcomes by receiving guidance & support to improve quality care for your clients.


Our Qualified Supervisors

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How It Works


the country you are based in


your preferred type of supervision


a date and time for your appointment


and confirm your appointment


Not a ThoughtFull Professional?

All Professionals on ThoughtFullChat are certified mental health professionals (counsellors and clinical psychologists) who have gone through the required academic and practicum hours to obtain their relevant certifications and credentials in their respective locations.

They are carefully vetted, onboarded, and trained to use ThoughtFullChat to ensure only the best quality services provided.

You can see our full list of Therapists: