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Who Are ThoughtFull

All Professionals on ThoughtFullChat are certified mental health professionals (counsellors and clinical psychologists) who have gone through the required academic and practicum hours to obtain their relevant certifications and credentials in their respective locations.

They are carefully vetted, onboarded, and trained to use ThoughtFullChat to ensure only the best quality services provided.

Every individual is unique – our network of professionals span a broad range of experiences, specialties, and capabilities to best cater to your needs.

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Your practice and bring it into the digital age on our integrated platform. We track, you grow.

Hear From Some Of Our Professionals

“As a Counsellor, using the ThoughtFullChat platform was very intuitive. I could quickly get into chatting with my clients and writing case notes was a click or two away. I never had to worry about acquiring new clients and I could focus on delivering therapy.

Constant improvements to the app meant the user experience was improving all the time.”

—  Justin Yap
Justin Yap

"ThoughtFull has provided me a chance to learn the process of providing professional service in a capacity of a counsellor and coach through a digital platform.

I was able to to enhance my skills, techniques and knowledge due to the variety of clients. One of the attractive parts of being on this platform is the flexibility to schedule the check ins with clients and it also enables me to support my clients wherever I am.

I am also appreciative of ThoughtFull's initiatives in ensuring professionals like myself have access to speakers who help update my knowledge, equip me with skills and help me be competent in working with clients. Being on ThoughtFull has been both an experiential and exciting journey thus far.”

—  — Darshini

“Thoughtfull has helped me develop effective strategies to implement behavioural interventions through a text based platform.

It has challenged me to think of new ways to help clients navigate through their challenges, and by doing so, has enriched my counselling practice as a whole.

I also gained the opportunity to network with other professionals. All these, while earning additional income. Surely a good deal!”

—  John Pinto
John Pinto

“Thoughtfull create a wonderful space to those people who would not have done traditional therapy.

They also offer a great level of support and resources to the therapist!”

—  Boo Ee
Boo Ee

The ThoughtFullChat platform made checking in with clients and writing down case notes really easy with its constantly updated and improvised features.

The newly introduced features also helped me in my work with clients in a simple yet concise manner.

—  Justin Yap

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60% of the world's youth live in ASIA Pacific.

4 of the world's top 10 markets for smartphone adoption lie in ASIA Pacific.

How is your practice evolving today
to meet the needs of tomorrow?

Source: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development) 2Micro-moments in Asia Pacific, Mobile Consumer Behavior in 2016, Google

ThoughtFull™ FAQs for Professionals

What are the requirements of becoming a ThoughtFull Mental Health Professional?

All ThoughtFull Professionals are certified mental health professionals (counsellors, psychologists, or psychiatrists) who have gone through the required academic and practicum hours to obtain their relevant certifications and credentials.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about becoming a ThoughtFull Professional.

Can I still become a ThoughtFull Mental Health Professional if I have my own practice?

Yes, we understand that everyone’s professional journey is different and we welcome the diversity different Mental Health Professionals bring. We would highly encourage you to at least have a chat with us!

If you’d like to find out more or apply, please proceed to this site or contact the team directly at

As a ThoughtFull Mental Health Professional, what are my commitments?

On the ThoughtFullChat App, our commitment to our users is daily bite-sized coaching responses from professionals between Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays and weekends. As a professional, you have the flexibility to arrange a suitable response time with your user on a daily basis within 24 hours of their messaging.

Separate from that, we have various learning, growth and engagements that happen every month which we highly encourage you to attend for your own professional development and growth.

If I am a ThoughtFull Mental Health Professional, am I exclusively bound?

We understand that as a professional you may have other ongoing responsibilities, job commitments or site attachments and would be more than happy to discuss how ThoughtFullChat would be able to fit into your other commitments.

If you’d like to find out more or apply, please proceed to this site or contact the team directly at

Will I receive any training / orientation before conducting Online Therapy?

All ThoughtFull Professionals are carefully vetted and trained to use ThoughtFullChat to ensure the quality of services provided. ​

We do conduct additional training to ensure that all Professionals on ThoughtFullChat are proficient pioneers in digital coaching, as digital mental health services are still nascent in the Asian region.

Am I allowed to choose times/days that I am available for providing Online Therapy?

Yes! As a ThoughtFull Professional, you have the flexibility to set your own time/days to provide Online Therapy.