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Chat With Us Online - Professional Chat Mental Health

Need someone to talk to? We have counsellors and therapists standing by to support you through our private and secure mental health chat app. With our ThoughtFullChat App, you can easily schedule a time to chat with qualified mental healthcare professionals.


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Chat With Us Online

Professional Chat Mental Health


Need someone to talk to? We have counsellors and therapists standing by to support you through our private and secure mental health chat app. With our ThoughtFullChat App, you can easily schedule a time to chat with qualified mental healthcare professionals.



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Do You Have Mental Health Concerns?

You don’t have to face this alone. It’s okay to seek help.

Struggling To Find Purpose In Life

It seems like everyone else knows where they’re going – everyone but you. You find yourself waking up feeling disconnected, wondering if this is all there is to life.

Stressed About Work or School

Deadlines loom larger every day, expectations are climbing, and the weight of it all is unbearable. You’re left feeling exhausted, yet sleep doesn’t come easy. 

Juggling Many Things At Once

Your to-do list never ends, responsibilities keep piling up, and there’s never enough time. You’re running on empty, and burn-out is just around the corner.

Need A Listening Ear

In a world full of voices offering advice and opinions, finding someone who simply listens can be a relief. Sometimes, being heard is all you need to feel less alone and more understood.

In “Complicated” Relationship / Families

Relationships should uplift, not overwhelm. Yet, every interaction can feel like a minefield, fraught with tension and misunderstanding.

Chat With Professional And Certified Therapists Who You Can Trust

Get the same high-quality therapy you'd expect in a traditional setting but with the flexibility to communicate whenever and however you need. Our highly secure, easy-to-use mobile app connects you with certified ThoughtFull Professional Therapists ready to offer support through unlimited texts and audio messages, ensuring you always have someone to turn to.



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Unlimited Texts & Audio
Messages in Safe Space

Reach out to your therapist anytime with ThoughtFullChat's unlimited texting and audio messaging, all within a secure and private platform. Our app provides daily bite-sized coaching and a safe space where you can share your thoughts and feelings openly and vulnerably. 

Available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), our mobile platform enables you to asynchronously chat with your certified therapist anytime and anywhere, without the need to travel for an in-office session. This also minimises wait times, ensuring that you receive timely and effective support when you need it most.



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Healthcare Professionals
Dedicated To Mental Health

Our ThoughtFull Professionals (TFPs) are certified and experienced therapists who can support you across a range of issues including anxiety, depression, work-related stress, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. 

Our professionals are not just trained volunteers. 100% of our mental health professionals are licensed and have at least a Master's degree. With our ThoughtFullChat app, you can easily select the mental health professional of your choice to cater to your specific needs.


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Mental Health Resources

ThoughtFullChat offers a variety of evidence-based resources, including daily bite-sized coaching and self-paced Mental Wellness Learning Packs designed to empower you to build resilience and manage your wellness effectively. It’s like having a personal coach who’s there to guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilled life. This includes supporting young people across various youth mental health issues.

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Track Your Wellbeing
Over Time

You can see how far you've come with integrated features like our Emotional Health Progress Chart. Our mobile platform, designed for both individuals and employers, helps track improvements, supports timely interventions, and provides data-driven insights to maximize the benefits of investing in mental health.

What People Say About Our Mental Health Chat

I was Able To Learn
Thoughtfull Sessions
It Help Me To Communicate

How It Works

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Sign Up For A Monthly Subscription

Therapy doesn't have to be expensive. We operate on a simple pricing that you can cancel at any time. This flat fee that you pay monthly gives you access to all the features on our mobile app.

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Connect With Your Ideal Therapist

After completing our short questionnaire, you’ll be instantly paired with a qualified therapist who matches your specific needs and preferences. You have the option of changing this with no additional charges. With ThoughtFullChat, you gain to access our curated network of certfied professionals.

All therapists are licensed, accredited mental health professionals. ThoughtFull allows you to connect with them in a safe and convenient online environment.

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Choose Your Preferred Communication Method

Whether it’s text or audio messages, communicate with your therapist 1-on-1 in the way you feel most comfortable. There’s no need to schedule anything – simply send and receive messages anytime throughout the day for daily therapy and coaching.

All information and interactions are 100% private and confidential. You can even set a Preferred Name so that our Professionals can address your Preferred Name instead


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Access To Therapy Whenever You Need It

With our asynchronous system, you can send audio notes or text messages anytime, anywhere. From Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), your professional will reply within 24 hours – without the need for any scheduling or extensive wait times. Do it at your own time and at your own pace. Communicate with your therapist as often as you want and whenever you feel it's needed.

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Daily Content To Learn & Grow

Explore mental wellness daily with our expertly curated, evidence-based learning packs designed by ThoughtFull. You have full access to our bite-sized wellness content at any time. All content is carefully curated by ThoughtFull’s in-house clinical team. We have content supporting young persons across various youth mental health issues.

Each month, you also track and monitor your progress through the various tools we have within the application. We currently have a mood tracker, guided journal, and emotional health assessment.



ThoughtFullChat is a subscription-based online therapy service. This single flat monthly fee gives you access to all our features. 

We offer a two-week free service trial and allow cancellation of your subscription at any point in time. You will have access to the services till the beginning of the next billing cycle.


Billing Cycle




Billing Cycle




Billing Cycle




For corporate clients, do contact us at as we curate every program to our client's needs. ThoughtFullChat partners with a number of corporations to provide ThoughtFull services to employees through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Do contact your Human Resources or Talent Department to find out if your employer is an existing ThoughtFull partner.

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An Online Mental Health Chat for Everyone

Get the same high-quality therapy you'd expect in a With ThoughFullChat, our diverse group of coaches in over 16 locations who speak over 11 languages and dialects will provide you with the tools to reach your goals through daily bite-sized coaching, content, progress trackers and more.





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ThoughtFullChat offers a subscription-based service where individuals can actively manage their mental wellness. Our mobile platform provides self-serve tools and personalized, daily coaching from certified mental health professionals, designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

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Enhance your Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or mental health check programme with ThoughtFullChat. Our platform supports organisational health goals by providing employees with access to mental health tools and professional guidance, helping to improve overall workplace wellness and productivity.

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For mental health practitioners, ThoughtFullChat serves as a structured way for you to provide professional support to your clients and manage client caseloads. Our platform offers a structured approach to establishing a scalable digital practice on-the-go.




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As a leading health tech platform, ThoughtFullChat helps reduce the risk of mental health challenges among your insured members. Our platform provides proactive support and early intervention tools that contribute to better mental wellness management and improvement.


Online Mental Health Chat FAQs

Is online mental health therapy a suitable replacement for face to face therapy?

Recent psychological research has shown that online platforms such as ThoughtFullChat can be as effective as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy. It provides therapists and counsellors with innovative options and strategies for more effective and adaptable solutions. Some clients also experience online therapy as more comfortable and less threatening. Our internal research showed that using ThoughtFullChat for at least 10 minutes a day reduces stress, anxiety and depression by at least 30%.

You can also read about other studies below:

Will the mental wellness app provide me with 24/7 support?

You will have access to the chatroom 24/7 and are welcome to share your thoughts, things that are going on in your life, anytime from the convenience of your phone.


Your ThoughtFull Professional will check-in daily with you Mon-Fri (except public holidays) as soon as they are available. As this is asynchronous text messaging, this may not be a real-time chat and your Professional may not be able to respond immediately if their schedule does not permit.


Please note that ThoughtFullChat is not a 24-hour crisis service. If you or any person is in danger or needs emergency support, please call your emergency hotline or head to the nearest hospital Emergency Room.

With a mental wellness app, will I have the option of personally meeting my therapist/counsellor?

Yes! As long as both parties agree and are available, face-to-face sessions can be arranged on a case by case basis. If you’d like to arrange for one, kindly contact the ThoughtFull Team at

How or when do I know I need mental health therapy?

Anyone can benefit from mental health therapy. You don’t necessarily need to have pressing challenges or stress factors, although our ThoughtFull coaches are more than equipped to work with you through these challenges if needed. Some choose to go for therapy for personal or professional development – from managing career decisions, and cultivating effective communication skills and self-awareness, to managing stress, anxiety, relationships, etc.

A good place to start when you’re not sure whether you should go for mental health therapy is to assess the state of your mental well-being. Take a free mental health assessment here.

Is ThoughtFullChat related to IMH’s Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)?

No, we are related with IMH’s Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) in Singapore. The “Chat” in ThoughtFullChat refers to the chat feature in our mobile app that allows users to asynchronously chat with our certified professionals.

How long will I have to attend online mental health therapy?

That’s up to you! Everyone is unique so it depends on your personal goals with online therapy. Some like to engage their mental health the way that they do their physical health and utilise it regularly, similar to going to the gym for personal development.

Others who have specific challenges or are trying to overcome or process difficult experiences (grief, breakups, work/academic stress, etc.) may only need it till their circumstances come to pass or they feel ready.

There is no time limit, requirement or justification needed for your personal journey.

Do I have to speak and present formally when attending online mental health therapy?

Not at all. Like any session, your counsellor wants you to feel comfortable. Dress appropriately for the session but we’d encourage you to have that discussion with your counsellor!

What happens if I disagree with my therapist during an online therapy session?

It is completely fine to disagree with your counsellor or therapist and in some cases, encouraged. They are there to be honest with you and to help you to the best of their ability. If you’re worried about having trouble expressing any potential disagreement, speak to your counsellor about it.

If your counsellor is making you uncomfortable or being uncompromising, kindly contact the ThoughtFull Team at