Approachable and easily accessible daily-bite sized coaching with certified
mental health professionals so that you can be your best, always.

Not Feeling Like Yourself Lately?

    Stress #1 risk factor for health and productivity amongst Asian employers
    - Towers Watson


    Burn-out is recognized as an occupational phenomenon
    - World Health Organization


    4 in 5 young adults in Singapore experience a quarter-life crisis
    - The Straits Times


    "1 in 4 married couples are thinking of divorce"
    - AsiaOne

A New Way To Improve Wellbeing
ThoughtFullChat For Individuals

A New Way To
Improve Wellbeing



    About mental wellness via our carefully curated evidence-based learning packs



    1-on-1 with your best-fit certified mental health professional to work towards your goals

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    Via unlimited asynchronous texts and audio messages for daily bite-sized coaching Mon-Fri
    (ex-public holidays)

  • GROW


    As you utilise our quantitative and qualitative measures to track the progress of your wellbeing over the course of your monthly cycles

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A subscription-based mobile platform that empowers users to proactively

engage with their mental health via self-serve tools and 1-on-1 daily

bite-sized coaching with certified mental health professionals

anytime, anywhere.

Let’s Be Our Best Together

ThoughtFull™ FAQs for Individuals

Are there personalised mental wellness programs in ThoughtFullChat?

  • When signing up and answering a few questions, you’ll be instantly matched to your best-fit professional and you also have the option of changing without additional charges.

  • You have full access to our bite-sized wellness content at any time. All content is carefully curated by ThoughtFull’s in-house clinical team.

  • You also have the ability to track and monitor your progress through the various tools we have within the application. We currently have a mood tracker, guided journal, and emotional health assessment.

What is online mental health therapy like?

Most people enjoy it because of its convenience. With ThoughtFullChat, you’re able to text or send an audio note to your counsellor asynchronously at any time of day and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Our digital progress tracking tools within the application are also at your fingertips.

How will I know if online mental health therapy is working for me?

We’d recommend using your progress tracking tools and speaking to your therapist or counsellor to discuss how you can track progress.

We understand that online therapy may not be suitable for everyone and cases that are better suited for face to face therapy will be coordinated by our team accordingly.

Will the mental wellness app provide me with 24/7 support?

You will have access to the chatroom 24/7 and are welcome to share your thoughts, things that are going on in your life, anytime from the convenience of your phone.

Your ThoughtFull Professional will check-in daily with you Mon-Fri (except public holidays) as soon as they are available. As this is asynchronous text messaging, this may not be a real-time chat and your Professional may not be able to respond immediately if their schedule does not permit.

Please note that ThoughtFullChat is not a 24-hour crisis service. If you or any person is in danger or needs emergency support, please call your emergency hotline or head to the nearest hospital Emergency Room.

Is online mental health therapy a suitable replacement for face to face therapy?

Recent psychological research has shown that online platforms can be as effective as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy. It provides therapists and counsellors with innovative options and strategies for more effective and adaptable solutions. Some clients also experience online therapy as more comfortable and less threatening.

We understand that online therapy may not be suitable for everyone and cases that are better suited for face to face therapy will be coordinated by our team accordingly.

You can read about the studies below:
Telemental Health Care, an Effective Alternative to Conventional Mental Care: A Systematic Review
The Effectiveness of Telemental Health: A 2013 Review
Impact of Exchanges and Client–Therapist Alliance in Online-Text Psychotherapy

With a mental wellness app, will I have the option of personally meeting my therapist / counsellor?

Yes! As long as both parties agree and are available, face-to-face sessions can be arranged on a case by case basis. If you’d like to arrange for one, kindly contact the ThoughtFull Team at

How long will I have to attend online mental health therapy?

That’s up to you! Everyone is unique so it depends on your personal goals with online therapy. Some like to engage their mental health the way that they do their physical health and utilise it regularly, similar to going to the gym for personal development.

Others who have specific challenges or are trying to overcome or process difficult experiences (grief, breakups, work/academic stress, etc.) may only need it till their circumstances come to pass or they feel ready.

There is no time limit, requirement or justification needed for your personal journey.

Do I have to speak and present formally when attending online mental health therapy?

Not at all. Like any session, your counsellor wants you to feel comfortable. Dress appropriately for the session but we’d encourage you to have that discussion with your counsellor!

What happens if I disagree with my therapist during an online therapy session?

It is completely fine to disagree with your counsellor or therapist and in some cases, encouraged. They are there to be honest with you and to help you to the best of their ability. If you’re worried about having trouble expressing any potential disagreement, speak to your counsellor about it.

If your counsellor is making you uncomfortable or being uncompromising, kindly contact the ThoughtFull Team at