Creating a Culture of Wellness: How to Build an Effective Employee Wellbeing Program

Creating a Culture of Wellness: How to Build an Effective Employee Wellbeing ProgramSource: Pexels

Creating a culture of wellness is not just a modern buzzword– it is a fundamental need for today's workforce. Stress-related illnesses and mental health disorders have reached an all-time high, affecting productivity and overall morale within organisations worldwide. An estimate of 12 billion workdays are lost annually due to bouts with depression and anxiety. This staggering figure underlines the importance of building a culture of wellness to support mental health at the workplace.

Neuroscientific research has shown that prolonged stress can lead to structural changes in the brain, affecting cognitive function and emotional regulation. Fostering a culture of wellness mitigates the impacts of stress and improves overall employee mental health, leading to enhanced productivity, creativity, and workplace satisfaction. 

Here’s why and how organisations can implement employee wellbeing programs into their workplace to improve the overall mental health of their employees. 

What Is An Employee Wellbeing Program?

An employee wellbeing program is a strategic initiative designed to foster physical, mental, and emotional health within an organisation. It can include resources and activities such as mental health workshops, fitness programs, financial guidance, work-life balance seminars, and more. Employee wellbeing programs work because they address all the needs of an individual.

Maintaining overall wellbeing is a crucial aspect of mental health, as it encompassess not only physical health, but also emotional, social and psychological wellbeing. Employee well being programs can help individuals foster resilience, create positive emotions and develop coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges. To help get started, we’ve put together a breakdown of some resources and activities you can integrate in your program:

  • Mental Health Resources: This can include providing resources such as stress management workshops, mindfulness sessions, and mental health days off to help employees navigate and manage their mental health. Employers can also offer access to counselling services, either in-house or through partnerships with external providers. With the ThoughtFullChat App, your employees can get in touch with their best-fit mental health professional any time, anywhere through their preferred medium - chat, audio, video, face-to-face meetings.

Tip: The ThoughtFullChat App supports employees wherever they may be on their mental health journey - from preventive to curative to crisis intervention.

  • Physical Fitness Programs: These can include memberships to gyms, yoga classes, or on-site fitness centres. Some companies organise regular fitness challenges or sports events to encourage physical activity among employees.

Tip: Host a weekly fitness class or a 15 minute lunch time fitness challenge. 

  • Work-Life Balance Initiatives: Seminars focusing on time management, offering flexible working hours, and encouraging employees to take time off for vacations can help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Some employers also offer childcare support or elder care assistance.

Tip: Offer your employees flexible working hours, for example, limit meeting times from between 11am to 5pm each day to allow for flexi-start and end times. 

The Impact of an Employee Wellbeing Program on Mental Health

Employee wellbeing programs, when implemented effectively, can have a profound impact on mental health in the workplace. 

Stress Reduction and Anxiety Management

Employee wellbeing programs that include stress management sessions, mindfulness training, and other relaxation techniques can help employees combat stress and anxiety. These initiatives provide employees with the necessary tools to handle workplace stress effectively and maintain mental equilibrium. Stress reduction programs in the workplace can even lead to significant decreases in stress and anxiety symptoms among employees. 

Boosting Morale and Job Satisfaction

By offering mental health resources and therapy through accessible platforms like the ThoughtFullChat app, we empower employees to take charge of their own mental wellbeing. This approach not only shows your commitment to support team members with top-tier resources but also demonstrates tangible benefits; users of the ThoughtFullChat app have reported up to a 43% reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression levels. 

Recognising the unique needs of each individual, we provide comprehensive and seamless end-to-end mental healthcare, ensuring that every member of our diverse workforce finds the support they need. 

Programs that focus on mental wellbeing can also help boost morale, as they demonstrate an organisation's commitment to its employees' health. This gesture can increase employees' sense of value and belonging, leading to greater job satisfaction. It can even directly impact an employee's performance and productivity. When employees are less stressed and more satisfied with their job, they tend to be more focused, creative, and productive.

Best Practices for an Employee Wellbeing Program

Effectively incorporating an employee wellbeing program requires a deep understanding of what your employees need. Here's how to do it:

Understand Your Employees’ Unique Needs

It's not enough to implement a one-size-fits-all program. Tailoring the wellbeing program to address specific needs will improve its effectiveness and show your employees that their mental health is a priority.

  • Conduct surveys: Use anonymous online surveys to get a sense of what kind of support your employees need. Questions might explore physical health, mental health, stress levels, work-life balance, and more.
  • Hold interviews: In addition to surveys, one-on-one interviews can provide deeper insights. Make sure to guarantee confidentiality to encourage honest responses.
  • Analyse the data: Use the feedback to identify common themes and needs. This information should guide the creation of your wellbeing program to accommodate the individual's needs. At ThoughtFull, we use insights and analytics gathered through our platform to provide us with real-time data so that we can help tailor fit wellbeing programs according to each employee's needs. 

Offer a Variety of Programs

Every employee is different and has unique needs, that's why it is important to monitor and analyse feedback to keep programs fresh and relevant. A variety of mental health programs can cater to these diverse requirements, along with some tools to increase overall participation and effectiveness.

  • Offer diverse mental health resources: Consider providing a mix of mental health support, such as workshops, webinars, wellness days and digital resources such as the ThoughtFullChat app. 
  • Regularly update programs: Keep your programs fresh and engaging by updating or rotating them regularly based on the insights gained from employees. This helps maintain interest and participation in the mental health tools you offer. 
  • Encourage participation: Make the programs as accessible as possible to everyone, including remote employees. This might involve offering programs at different times or making resources available online.

Foster a Culture of Wellness With ThoughtFullChat

Creating a culture of wellness and implementing an effective employee wellbeing program to improve mental health is no longer an option—it's a necessity. By understanding the needs of your employees, offering a variety of programs, and building a supportive environment, you can foster a culture that prioritises mental health, enhances productivity, and nurtures talent.

ThoughtFull Chat provides mental health and wellbeing resources at your organisation’s fingertips. Get instant access to professionals and best practices to promote employee wellbeing. Reach out today to see how you can incorporate it into your organisation.

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