WFH 101: Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated At Home

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Keeping Employees Engaged At Home

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit us, 2020 was predicted to be the “year of remote work”. Fast forward to today, organizations are looking at the biggest remote working revolution*. Apart from lockdown restrictions forcing people to work from home, remote opportunities have also increased by 203%* in November 2020. And this stat is going to keep increasing.

This change in our work landscape is forcing us to rethink traditional methods of employee wellbeing management. However, working from home comes with its unique set of challenges. Therefore, we need tailored strategies to keep employees motivated while they’re away from their traditional work environment. So, here are four ways we can build an engaged working environment for our employees:

1) Instil trust and flexibility

​​Working remotely inevitably throws off the separation between work and life. Children, older family members, housing repairs – sometimes require our immediate attention which can disrupt our workflow. Hence, it’s important for management teams to understand that the standard 9-5 can’t work for everyone. To lead a happier and less stressed team, provide flexibility and trust that they will finish the job. Giving people space to manage their time through flexible hours and realistic deadlines helps them feel more in control of their life overall – which is essential during these uncertain times.

Instil trust and flexibility

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2) Promote health and wellbeing

Your employees’ motivation and productivity depend a lot on their physical and mental wellbeing. Especially with the coronavirus outbreak, maintaining good health should be prioritized. More so, quarantine measures that force us to isolate indoors have undeniably impacted the mental health of many. Hence, simple measures like encouraging regular screen breaks, sending a healthy lunch, and organizing zoom yoga classes go a long way. Ultimately, keeping your team mentally and physically fit should be in everyone’s best interest.

3) Work-from-home perks

Being away from the office also means employees can no longer have access to the resources they need to work efficiently. Whether it’s a work laptop or standing desk, or little things like better earphones, webcams, or laptop stands. These things make a huge difference to their job satisfaction. Apart from tools, providing services like coffee or meal subscriptions, or subsidizing Wi-Fi costs can also help employees feel taken care of.

Learning and development

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4) Learning and development

People love being in jobs that help them grow personally and professionally. Being able to expand one’s skills is absolutely rewarding. Hence, encourage your employees to partake in various online training courses or even non-work-related courses. From industrial skills like coding and digital marketing to creative workshops like cross-stitching and kombucha-making. These activities are amazing mood-boosters and stress-relievers for your employees.


We understand that it’s hard for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the pandemic actually presents an opportunity for organizations to enhance their work culture. Rather than one-off team-building events, implement sustainable yet mutually beneficial practices that focus on keeping employees happy instead. More than ever, we need to tap into emotional intelligence and empathic leadership to create a successful modern work environment.

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