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69% Of Focus Global’s Employees Use ThoughtFull To Engage With Their Mental Wellbeing

Find out how a dynamic marketing company with an outstanding portfolio of over 20 global brands provided seamless mental wellbeing support to their team members.

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"Before partnering with ThoughtFull, we were exploring different mental health providers but didn't find one that was able to provide quality and impactful services to our team members like ThoughtFull."

- Andrea Sy, Head of Technology and Innovation & Employee Wellbeing Program Lead

The Challenge

Focus Global's leadership team was looking for a quality and impactful mental health solution to support their team members who were experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression due to challenges in their environment.

The Solution

ThoughtFull provided personalised end-to-end mental health solutions to Focus Global employees including unlimited 1-on-1 coaching with a certified mental health professional, curated wellness resources and wellbeing trackers & assessments. ThoughtFull also helped increase awareness through educational webinars and engagement support.

Key Outcomes


Total Utilization

(vs. 3% Industry Rate)

Up to


Average reduction in stress, anxiety and depression levels


Average user experience rating



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