Significant Clinical Improvement

Enhanced Mental Health Outcomes

High User Engagement

Clinical Improvement

Reduction in depressive symptoms as measured by PHQ9 and Mood


Driven by personalised and data-informed care delivery by mental health professionals via the ThoughtFullChat app


Utilisation rate on ThoughtFullChat app 


"If I had not slept, I would put one star or two star and he will ask me during the day - "What happened? Why couldn't you sleep?" He was monitoring, that was really helpful"

"… after talking to my TFP,  he helped me identify some issues in my life that is causing the sleep problem. I was able to sleep properly, 10 days into the project! I now sleep very well, and always sleep from 11pm to 7am."


Cheria Landing Page Materials-1  Research Participant

Cheria Landing Page Materials-1  Research Participant

Co-creating a revolutionary future for mental healthcare


While access to mental health professionals via the ThoughtFullChat mobile application is key to meaningful care, this study provides a promising starting point for the integration of physiological datapoints in digital mental health interventions to enhance user-centered care delivery. Committed to improving our delivery of accessible, timely and personalised care for all, a continuous innovation of our solutions remains top of our priority. 


Implications for the mental health ecosystem


  • Improve risk assessment and underwriting
  • Data-driven pricing and coverage
  • Expand insurability with personalised and targeted offering
  • Enhanced claim management for cost-reduction 


  • Allow for proactive, preventive care
  • Timely monitoring and support
  • Tailor-fit wellbeing programs
  • Objective assessment of interventions


  • Enhance diagnostic accuracy
  • Enhance patient engagement
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Monitor treatment progress more effectively

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