"Understanding that much of mental health insights are still heavily reliant on subjective data, ThoughtFull wanted to enhance our clinician's ability to delve deeper into their clients' wellbeing and progress by integrating objective data into their intervention methodology. LabFront's platform coupled with the Garmin wearable were the best options for in-depth data collection and analysis to achieve the intended outcomes."

- Joan Low, ThoughtFull CEO

Key Outcomes

Significant Clinical Improvement
Statistically significant reduction of 36.7% in depressive symptoms as measured by PHQ9 and Mood.

High User Engagement 

Utilisation rates on ThoughtFullChat app reached up to 82% (average 7.2 hours/week)

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Enhanced Personalised Care

Integration of physiological data from wearables helped improve care delivery, resulting in better mental health outcomes


For the mental health ecosystem, the integration of physiological data with mental health treatment has significant implications for insurers, organizations, and clinicians involved in the delivery of mental healthcare, united by the common goal of advancing understanding of mental health conditions and improving treatment outcomes.



14.3% of healthcare claims are made each year of depression and depression related symptoms, making depression a costly illness.

Implications of physiological data integration:  

  • Improve risk assessment and underwriting
  • Data-driven pricinga and coverage
  • Expand insurability with personalised and targeted offering
  • Enhanced claim management for cost-reduction 


Among the various mental illnesses, depression in particular is known to be largely associated with high rates of absenteeism, decreased productivity and presenteeism.

Implications of physiological data integration:  

  • Allow for proactive, preventive care
  • Timely monitoring and support
  • Tailored wellbeing programs
  • Objective assessment of interventions


Utilizing subjective, qualitative data as primary source of mental health insights face limitations in terms of self-reporting biases, variability in symptom presentation & limited monitoring

Implications of physiological data integration: 

  • Enhance diagnostic accuracy
  • Enhanced patient engagement
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Monitor treatment progress more effectively


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